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Open to Spring: Donna Scro’s Backbend, Shoulders Workshop Sunday

Open your shoulders and your heart with the lovely Donna Scro this Sunday for her Backbend and Shoulders Workshop in Bloomfield from 1 to 3 p.m.

“Spring is the time to open up!” Donna says.

Here’s what you get when you practice and study with Donna:

1. An insightful and beautiful theme. Donna connects a philosophical and physical theme for each and every one of her classes. In all kinds of enlightening ways, she will open your mind and body to grace.

2. Backbends! She safely and securely tells you ways to access that hard-to-reach area behind your heart, the thoracic spine. Her warms ups and flows prep your body so well, and her instructions are so precise, that you will find yourself going into new places with your poses–without even knowing you’re doing it!

3. Tricks and tips. If you want to learn about alignment, especially anusara-based instructions, check out Donna. She has all kinds of little tips and tricks that you won’t hear anyone else. Just ask her about the partner hanuman handstands! Or the throat chakra. She’ll teach you some really cool stuff you won’t hear anywhere else.

4. Inversions. She’ll get you upside-down gently and meet you at your level.

5. A sweet and thoughtful playlist.

Convinced yet? Check out Donna’s Backbend and Shoulder Workshop! You will leave with an open heart and deeper understanding of what your body can do. And Donna’s a super cool person who’s lovely to learn from, too.

Backbend and Shoulder Workshop with Donna Scro
Who: All levels
What: 2 hours of asana, instruction–all with a woven-in theme
Where: GSY Bloomfield
71 Washington Street
Bloomfield, NJ
When: Sunday, April 6 from 1 to 3 p.m.
How much: $30 in advance, $35 at the door


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  1. Sarah Bodnar says:

    Donna Scro is the real deal! I learn something new in everyone of her classes and her dharma talks always strike a chord with me. She’s one if my favs.

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